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Our Emphasis on Publishing Original Content : Avoid Plagiarism

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What is plagiarism and why should you be concerned?

Plagiarism is an act of stealing and publishing someone else’s ideas, thoughts, language, or expressions, while posing as the owner of the content. This is one of things our writing service looks to protect you from as you could easily lose your credibility and in worse scenarios the owner of the content could sue you for copyright infringement. Even with their consent, you still risk getting your pages flagged by search engines, so you should by all means try to avoid copied content on your website.

Can plagiarism be avoided?

Indeed, you can easily avoid plagiarism and consequences thereof by ensuring all content you publish is original and does not match with any other content available online. You can achieve this by performing plagiarism checks after you are done writing content, which could help reveal parts in your content that match with sentences available on other sites.

We understand it could be challenging sometimes to run pieces of content through plagiarism scanners to identify parts that have to be edited to remove plagiarism. That is why our article writing platform is tailored to make everything smooth for you by ensuring all content you receive is pre-scanned for plagiarism. We use an in-built plagiarism scan algorithm that will quickly identify copied content and return the article to editing to ensure those mistakes are corrected. Our writers are also trained on how to write and avoid plagiarism, so you will always receive clean content ready for publishing.

Unintentional plagiarism

Majority of plagiarism cases are unintentional, meaning you pull ideas from someone else’s content but forget to add attribution. This happens a lot and sometimes you may not even know you have plagiarized until your content is scrutinized. Make sure to always scan your content for plagiarism before publishing.

What is self-plagiarism?

You probably have asked yourself what happens if you plagiarize content you own. Self-plagiarism is where you copy content you wrote before and end up writing a new article with many identical parts. This, by all standards, is plagiarism and would pose the same consequences as any other form of plagiarism. Search engines will not be keen to assume you should not face penalties because you own both pieces. The idea is to always serve original content and self plagiarism is considered an act against this demand by search engines, so you will likely suffer penalties that could lead to your site losing rankings.

How to avoid plagiarism

The best solution you have to avoid plagiarizing your work is using detection technology. There is a wide selection of software that you can use for purposes of scanning for plagiarism so as to make amends before you pass your content for publishing.

We got your back

What if I told you we could create unique content for you that is ready for publishing. We have ways to check content for quality and plagiarism, so you are ready to publish content immediately you get it. We simplify everything for you and let you pursue other important tasks like managing your business. Trust our service to provide you with high-quality unique content.