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Are you looking for original content that will communicate your message in the most powerful way? Our technical writing service is designed to work with brands in diverse industries to help them product content that is specific to their needs. You simply submit your instructions and the intention of your content and our professional writers will replicate just that. You can easily hire writers on our platform. The process of hiring content writers is tedious, so we make it simple by giving you access to pre-vetted professionals who possess the skills you are looking for.

Our platform is integrated with an originality scan algorithm that checks that all content our article writers complete is original. We want to let your brand speak in a manner that places it at a position of authority, so our scrutiny across the board helps to ensure you receive high-quality content never published before.

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Submit your instructions to our pool of handpicked writers. Quality and originality guaranteed.

Professional writers – vetted and trained

While hiring article writers, we don’t just accept anyone to work on our platform. We have put in place measures to ensure all writers who are accepted in our system are qualified to work in the different quality categories specified. The intention of doing so is to shield you from low quality submissions that are commonplace when a platform approves anyone without scrutiny or tests.

Professionalism is something we consider essential in tightening our relationship with clients, so this is one aspect of vetting that we apply when we hire writers. Only writers who pass our skill tests and get the right professionalism score are admitted to write articles on our platform. Therefore, you should be confident when ordering that you will not waste time trying to separate good writers from those who are not qualified, because we don’t accept any writers who are not qualified.

We are affordable

Our service is tailored to address the needs of clients while maintaining a pricing model that is competitive. We may not be the cheapest online writing service, but our pricing model is sure affordable and will let you choose which quality categories you prefer to work with. We are working to ensure that businesses, individuals, and agencies get high-quality content that will help them scale performance and strengthen brand image.

Fast turnaround

It’s our mission to ensure all projects that are submitted by clients are completed in a timely manner. We have a time management algorithm that guides our content writers to help them submit projects on time to prevent cases where you have to reschedule the publishing of your articles and content. This decision is in line with our resolve to extend care for our clients by ensuring they face no frustrations while using our platform to connect with writers for hire.

Open communication

We allow open communication between clients and authors. From your dashboard, on the Manage Orders dropdown, click on the Processing link to see orders in the hands of writers and to know who is working on your project. From there you can send the writer a message to communicate any details you think should be included to make the content better. Note that we don’t allow sharing of contact information with writers while chatting. Read our terms of service to see what rights both writers and clients enjoy. Also review our guideline on how to hire a ghostwriter before you get started.

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