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Author payments

You are paid for all orders you complete for our clients. Authors reserve the freedom to earn as much as they possibly can as long as work submitted satisfies our quality guidelines and client's expectations. Once you submit your completed order for review, it is checked by our editors and if errors are spotted the order is returned for you to make those changes. The order is released to the client once our editors satisfy that it matches the quality expectations of the client. When your work is approved, money is credited into your wallet.

Weekly payout

Funds accumulated in your wallet are released on Friday. Only accounts with a wallet balance of $10 or more are paid. We pay through PayPal, so make sure to have a verified PayPal account, otherwise you may experience problems getting paid. In case you are paid and funds released don't reflect on your side, don't hesitate to talk to us through authors@speedyarticle.com and we'll look into the case to ensure your earnings are remitted.