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The Benefits of Hiring A Professional Writer for SEO Content Writing

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Is outsourcing content an important part of content marketing, or should you just stick to doing your content without the help of third parties? There are many agencies on the web that connect content writers with those looking for content and many of these have been helping businesses, organizations, individuals, and companies to churn original content that is tailored to address a specific audience.

However, in many cases, you will realize you can manage your content production needs and this is where the question about hiring a professional writer arises. Does it make sense to hire someone to write content for your brand? See why you probably need to consider hiring an article writer.

Benefits of hiring professional writing service

Professional content writing agencies hire teams of writers who are in most cases vetted to ensure your work is handed to only qualified professionals. Most of these article writing companies have training programs that equip their writers with the latest industry best practices and the result is that your content is written to match the expectations of the market at any particular time. This follows to show that you can more easily find a focused professional who will help you produce high quality content for your brand without having to invest all the time in searching for knowledge about industry best practices.

Quality control and monitoring

Many copywriting agencies maintain teams of editors who review your content before it is passed to you from the writer. They also monitor the quality consistency of the writer, and this helps to correct the article writer whenever necessary to ensure your content does not have parts that are presented in a weak format.

Additionally, such companies run reward programs that help to encourage writers to provide stellar writing services. Best part about working with a professional writer is that most of them understand SEO writing and can do technical website articles. Their career is dedicated to writing and this means they will have much more skills and knowledge about knitting words together than someone who specializes in other things. Besides writing SEO-optimized articles, you also need to write content that converts the reader, and this is where you will need to hire a writer.


Of course every content marketing project comes with a budget and you don’t want to order website articles before you review your budget. When you hire a professional content writer, you are able to control your content marketing budget as most of the leading writing companies allow you to choose your budget strategy and you can hire writers in different categories depending on your budget level.

Meet deadlines

Sometimes you want to post articles during a certain season to maintain relevance and ensure your campaigns capture the market at the right moment. This is possible if you can hire writers to help you with content writing services as you may have a huge batch of articles that requires completion and you may not have the ability to meet short deadlines. Developing any online business calls for dedication and discipline, and serving your audience content in a timely and organized manner is one of the things you want to get right to enhance the performance of your campaign. You can have it done by working with a dedicated article writer.

Publish on regular basis

Someone who runs a busy schedule may find it challenging to release content on a regular basis. This need can be satisfied by simply hiring a content writer, who can chip in to assist you with your article writing needs to ensure your content is shipped in a timely manner. You can identify a dedicated article writer who you can work with on all your article writing projects to ensure consistency of tone.

Build the authority of your brand

You want to make sure your brand is more recognizable and one of the things that will help you achieve this is publishing high-quality content regularly. When you hire article writers, you can build a team that matches your expectations as well as understands the purpose of your campaign. This is especially necessary where your brand is required to maintain a certain tone and style of communication.

Most importantly, you will be publishing authoritative content when you hire article writers to help you with your article writing needs. The best content writing services vet their writers on regular basis and retain only those whose quality matches the requirements of the market, so you are most definitely going to get high-quality content when you hire through their platforms.

Boost your social media engagement

You can also enhance your social media engagement with a good content writer. The current business world is reliant a lot on social media for outreach and to showcase products as well as communicate with potential buyers. Having an engaging content strategy for social media could help your business to build a big audience that could be converted to buyers. Hiring a professional article writer will give you the freedom to pursue other areas of your business while the writer helps in writing quality articles for your social media strategy.

As an entrepreneur, you should only write your content if you are confident enough that your skills and creativity can match that of a professional content writer. It takes a lot to create content and for this to be successful, you need to be a specialist in this area, so handing your content production project to a writer will give you the assurance your content needs will be in the hands of a professional who understands the industry and your requirements.

Think long-term

Your content strategy should be focused on the long term, so when you hire writers you should remember that you will be contributing to the future of the business by having content that is tailored to last long and have a lasting effect. It can be daunting to understand all the things you need to include to make your content effectual, so when you hire a content writer, you are able to get assistance with inputting important things that could help to make the content better.

Things to look for when hiring article writers

There are things you should focus on when hiring content writers if you want to work with writers who will help you perfectly highlight your brand.

  • Consider industry experience and the skills the writer has. You need to work with someone who has done projects similar to yours in the past. This reduces the need for revision and raises the chances of getting quality content that is relevant to your needs.
  • Communication is key as you don’t want the writer to go mute when you send revision requests. Check that the writer is available to effect any changes you might deem necessary.
  • Speed is also something you might be concerned about especially if your project requires sharing content in a timely manner.

How to hire writers

Hiring the right writer takes a process and your input is required in this process. There are a few tips you should observe that will help writers figure what you need then submit an exact replica of what your job posting demands.

1. Be clear in your instructions.

This is particularly very important as you don’t want the writer to just pick any topic when working on your project. It is necessary to issue instructions that are clear so the writer is able to know what to write about and the things to highlight in the content. However, this does not mean writing pages of instructions. According to our author survey, many writers expressed displeasure in clients who posted long texts of instructions and preferred to work with clients who issued simple and clear instructions.

2. Choose the right quality category

You need to pick a quality category that you expect to see in the completed articles. Our platform offers four quality categories including 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars and 5 stars. You can choose one of these categories depending on the kind of content you expect to produce, and the benefit is that when you pick a quality level, writers below that level cannot work on the project, so you are assured to get quality that matches your expectations. For technical content, you should prefer high quality categories as in those levels you will find highly skilled article writers.

3. Submit private projects

To ensure you only work with your preferred writer, you can submit a private project. This is most probably an article writer you have worked with before and gotten high-quality content, so instead of posting your articles on the general pool, you can give the writer a direct project. It is the best thing to do when you want to have a consistent tone and quality for your website.

4. Get our managed service

If you feel that all the above options are complex and too demanding, you can submit a request to get your project managed by our administrators and editors. We will pick article writers and ensure you benefit from our article writing service. We have a list of authors whose quality is exceptional and we have been working on managed projects for leading brands, ensuring their content strategy is reflected in the content produced by our article writers. We basically help you hire article writers and get your project completed.

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Don’t hesitate to submit your project to our article and content writing service. We have competent writers ready to start working on your project now and we help to check for quality and originality, so you are assured to receive original content never published before. Register now and create a project to get articles that are optimized and structured well.