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Your business or brand can reap benefits from press release distribution. A press release helps your organization to earn coverage within a community or across the globe. There are few reasons you might need to write a press release including to release a new product update, making announcements, issuing a response to a crisis, addressing a problem, sharing data, sharing information about an upcoming event, or even broadcasting achievements. This means you should craft a professional copy that can convey the message in the most precise manner. We encourage businesses to hire professional press release writing service if they don’t have the skills required to compose a professional copy.

At Speedy Article, we have a team of professional press release writers who can help you write press release copies for your brand. You only need to provide your instructions including the background of your business and the kind of information you would like highlighted in the press release. So, if you are looking for the best press writing release service that could help you communicate with your target audience, our service might just be what you are looking for.

Learn How To Write A Professional Press Release

While writing a press release, you need to be precise and to the point. There are several parts that make up a press release that you should consider. Here are few things you should know.

  1. Information to include in press release content

    • Headline – write a headline and ensure to be clear on what readers to expect.
    • Contact Information – add contact details that people can use to get in touch with you.
    • City, State, Location – Location information showing where the news is happening.
    • The Body – arrange information in an organized manner based on importance.
    • Boiler Plate – Tell the audience what your organization is all about.

  2. This basically lays out the format to follow while writing a press release. However, you need to do more than just follow a format. In order to have an impactful press release, you should learn how to present the information. Below are some ideas you could embrace to make your work easier.

  3. Define the perspective of your story

    Every story should have an angle. Your press release should have a perspective and some of the common perspectives you can draw inspiration from include local impact where you share how the story is changing the local community. You can also address progress made by highlighting benefits earned over time. Sometimes the story will be told to evoke emotional responses from the audience. Most importantly, you need to ask the “5 Ws”. Who is the content addressing, What is happening, Where is it going on, When is it supposed to occur, and Why is it important? For example:

    Speedy Article [WHO:Company] will award selected winners[WHAT] of the ultimate literature competition at the Saint’s Cathedral [WHERE]. The event will promote literature and artistic expression and help to address emerging[BENEFIT] issues around our community[AUDIENCE]
  4. Writing the lede

    In press release writing, the lede is the first paragraph and this comes after the summary bullet points. It should carry the most important information of the press release including the 5Ws, the perspective of the story, and a reason to care about what issues are being raised.

  5. Body paragraphs

    Body paragraphs come after the lede and should help to make the story complete. Here, you should use concise points and offer supporting links to vital information. It’s important to be precise as you want the press release to be under a page so readers don’t end missing some information.

  6. Writing the boilerplate

    Sometimes you are addressing a new audience and some of them don’t have full knowledge of your organization. A boilerplate is an important part of the press release that sums all this up to help the audience learn more about your organization. In this section, you should include information like the name of the organization, a mission statement, when it was founded, its size, and a statement on the things your organization is doing to fulfill its mission.


Now that you have drafted a complete press release, how are you able to ensure the information reaches the right people? The answer is in press release distribution. You can pitch your story to some editors and they will help you understand if it meets guidelines for publication. Another option you have is to work with wire services so it gets picked up by different outlets for publication. Some organizations with a sizable social media following are also taking advantage of this audience to distribute press release copies, so you don’t necessarily have to work with mainstream media to get the message out there. Others are using bloggers and general news sites to publish their press release articles.

Can’t write your press release? We can help

With a team of native English speakers as our writers, Speedy Article gives you an opportunity to outsource writing tasks and get your work completed in record time. We have writers in different categories and press release writing is one of them. You can outsource all press release writing work so you can focus on other areas of your organization as we prepare a catchy, highly-effectual press release. All you need is to provide information about your organization, the message you want to convey, and any other important details you think could help our writers to write a good copy.

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