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The Most Powerful Way to Write Headlines (300% More Traffic)

Titles play a key role in enhancing the performance of your blog posts. One of the mistakes you could make is to create a resourceful article but miss out on tapping the benefits of a catchy title. This is not to say creating a click-bait kind of title, but while coming up with a title for your blog post, you have to consider the need to harvest the curiosity of your audience. The digital space is fast-paced and you will hardly find people patient enough to scan through all titles that come up on search results. Here are some of the best strategies you can use to write catchy headlines that will attract massive traffic.

Use data and numbers in the headline

The effectiveness of your blog post lies in the headline (50%) and the structure and content of the post. Failure to create a clickable headline would mean losing a 50% chance of getting quality traffic. One way to enhance the effectiveness of your blog titles is to include statistics and numbers in the headline. Research has showed that headlines with statistics or numbers achieve 73% more social shares and have a higher engagement. The brain is usually attracted to numbers because it tends to structure information in an organized pattern.

Convey a sense of urgency

People usually don’t want to be left out and you could trigger them to take action by adding a sense of urgency in your headlines. Create the fear of losing out so instead of bookmarking content to read later, readers will prefer to see what the article talks about. Good copywriting should utilize urgency and scarcity as a medium through which to build a larger audience. You can achieve outstanding results with this technique especially if you are promoting a product.

Optimize for search

Don’t forget that your headlines could also be used as part of your search strategy. Add keywords and terms related to the kind of searches you expect your audience to make. Another thing is to write headlines that are tweetable to allow for social sharing, which could be a good way to get more traffic. Place the keyword in the beginning and ensure the headline is not too long, actually not more than 70 characters. This is because anything longer than that gets cut off search results, so the entire title will not be shown.

Address the reader in your title

Dan Kennedy talked about the flagging technique, which is a good way of coming up with effective titles for blog posts and copy. This basic technique works by addressing the reader as “You”. You could even go further to include location information that will have readers identify with the headline more. For example, you could write a headline as such: “8 Things You Can Learn About Marketing to Buyers in Florida”. Someone trying to build a business centered on selling to people in Florida will find such a headline more relevant to their needs.

Include emotional words

Words carry meaning and emotion if used in the right context. However, not every word out there can achieve this effect. There are emotionally impactful words that are also referred to as “power words” that give readers a reason to take action. Some of these words include amazing, eye-opening, sensational, spectacular, fulfill, belief, backbone, audacity, fearless, breathtaking, stunning, staggering, grateful, blissful, cheer, grit, surprising, uplifting, daring, hope, hero, courage, triumph, and cheer.

There are many techniques you could utilize to get your target audience to click to your headlines. You have to understand how to draw their attention and fuel their curiosity. How you structure your headlines will make the difference and could help you to achieve all these goals.